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Henry von Korwf’s Paintings


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Office Move


During its 20 years of existence, SHARIS has experienced quite a few moves already. Now, we’ve left our overly spacious office in Wedding and have moved to lively Friedrichshain in the heart of Berlin.

The new office in Frankfurter Allee Plaza is characterized by lots of light. The view opens up to the green inner courtyard with the twittering of birds, while only a few meters away the traffic rushes past us. We’ve got great accessibility to public transport here and a wide variety of gastronomic lunch break options: German, Italian, Lebanese, Asian cuisine—you name it! U5 practically stops just outside the door (Samariterstraße), and it’s not far to the Ringbahn either (Frankfurter Allee).

No wonder everyone enjoys working here, especially with the hardware we’ve got. Our new Cisco phones, for example, are said to be the same model as the ones used by the White House! And our office plants, some of them even reaching the ceiling, were allowed to move with us…

Plaza Frankfurter Allee

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SHARIS welcomes its new CEO Dirk Schwarz


A Wind of Change at Top Level

With his almost 20 years of work experience in IT, Dirk Schwarz really is an old hand. Nevertheless, he’s going to kick-start the established company with his industry-related know-how.

The in-house software solution Business Logic 7 will be developed further and marketed more strongly. The product will remain with the Berlin office for now.

At the same time, Magento 2 will be advanced as an additional main pillar. The cooperation between SHARIS and its parent company PHOENIX MEDIA will therefore become even closer. All companies of the group are going to support each other with resources and knowledge transfer. This means, that employees might temporarily work from the offices of the subsidiaries in Barcelona and Vienna, according to the motto: work where others go on vacation!

If you are interested in applying for a job with SHARIS or PHOENIX MEDIA, take a look at our open positions.

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Internet World München


With their colleagues from PHOENIX MEDIA, SHARIS was present at the Internet World Fair in Munich on 7 and 8 March to present the Business Logic 7. We’ve received great feedback, and we’re sure this was not just because of the free Mövenpick ice cream!

At four info points, we used presentations, demonstrations and brochures to show Magento, IBM Tealeaf and the Business Logic 7 to interested visitors. PHOENIX MEDIA’s impressive exhibition stand provided a worthy setting, while a solar panel from Canadian Solar and a faucet from kitchen manufacturer Franke served as efficient eye catchers. We were able to make many interesting connections and swap a lot of business cards. Now, we’re curious as to the business relationships that will arise from these two busy days.

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BL7 Demo Shop


Because SHARIS is planning on presenting its shop system, the Business Logic 7, at the trade fair Internet World EXPO in Munich in March, the long-awaited demo shop is being implemented. It will serve to demonstrate the features of BL7.

Originally specialized on B2B, this web shop solution is highly suitable for spare part shops, e.g. for cars or household appliances. Using it for B2C is also an option.

The exploded drawing feature was particularly designed for the online sale of spare parts. The main product and its spare parts are linked with each other. With a single click, the parts can be put into the shopping cart. In the drawing, they are allocated via numbers or other kinds of identifiers.

Contact us to request an appointment for initial consultation without any obligations if
o you have decided that you would like to have an online shop built for you
o if you have special requirements regarding the shop’s features
o if you would like for your web shop to have a certain look

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